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Let’s face it, you know that if you were able to get your mind and your surroundings focused for your real estate activities, you would be making more money. Working as a real estate agent can be very stressful sometimes and it seems like you’re being pulled in many different directions. Just always remember that productivity is going to be a main key of your success.

Here are 10 real estate productivity hacks that you can focus on today in order to get better results for your business tomorrow.

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1. Be healthy

Real estate agents are notorious for working long hours and being available 24/7 a lot of the time. It can feel like you are going in 10 different directions at once and your mind is on overdrive. This can be a drain on your business and your health.

Start every day with a quick workout. Maybe it’s only 10 minutes. Once you have got the juices flowing for 10 minutes, you may find that you want to continue your workout for a longer period of time. You will notice that you feel more energized and will be able to focus more throughout the day.

2. Clean and organized workspace

Whether you work from home or from an office, is important to have a de-cluttered area to work in. You might also want to invest in and ergonomic chair and office decor that helps you focus and keeps you comfortable.

3. Change of scenery

Sitting at your desk in front of your computer screen can be exhausting and sometimes demoralizing. Just sitting there can drain you. Make sure that you get out every hour you work for a quick 10 minute walk or change of scenery.

4. Focus on the 20%

You’ve probably already heard about the 80 – 20 rule.  You’re going to get the best result out of about 20% of the things that you do best each day. Focus on that 20% and see if you can outsource or eliminate the 80%.

5. Score and prioritize leads and clients

I know that you have probably worked with a client for months that ended up not purchasing a property. It can feel like a waste of time. Sometimes, you can eliminate clients that are time wasters upfront by providing specific criteria to focus in on high-quality clients you want to work with.

6. Use Sunday night to prepare

Make sure that you have a game plan for the week. Try to set the schedule as clearly as possible so you can commit to those things that will get you more closings. This will also help you plan for time off to get away from your cell phone.

7. Build your brain during your commute

If you do any type of commuting to work or throughout the day, utilize that time to educate yourself. There are some great podcasts and audiobooks that you should be listening to that will further your career.  There are some great business and motivational audiobooks on

8. Make your distractions go away

We all tend to get distracted with things like Facebook.  Make sure that you have a game plan on when you will have access to such sites. Have a schedule and stick to it so that your productivity will stay high throughout your workday.

9. Utilize software

Take advantage of all of the benefits you can reap by utilizing project management or contact management software. If you can become proficient at the CRM that you use, it can release your brain from having to think about all of your tasks. This will help you relieve stress and have a game plan for your success. Evernote is a great way to stay organized.

10. Set goals

Most real estate agents don’t like to set goals for their business. If you want to scale your business up though, you will need to have something in your sights that you would like to accomplish and the steps you need to take to get there. If you are not writing down your goals, you will probably not ever achieve them. Set goals, write them down, and make sure that you have a game plan to accomplish them.  Here is a good mind mapping tool to help you get your thoughts out.

Question: What else do you do daily that helps you stay focused and keeps your productivity for your real estate business flowing? Add a comment below and let us know.

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Ben Janke

I have been in real estate and real estate marketing since 2004. I specialize in online marketing which starts with proper targeting, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions.



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