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When you are trying to do some SEO or content marketing for your real estate website, it is important to make sure you provide real value to your readers.  The more value and quality content you can deliver, the more shares you will get and the higher you will ultimately rank in SEO for your desired keywords.

It isn’t enough to blog about a house that you sold or some basic market numbers.  It is important to give real, actionable content that real estate buyers and sellers want to know and that bring big value.  It can be a challenge to get ideas on what to write about though. That is why you need help with some great tools that will help you know what potential clients want to know and what real estate news is interesting enough to write about.

Here are 15 Real Estate Content Marketing Tools To Utilize

  • BuzzSumo

2015 will see 58 percent of online marketers increasing the budget for content marketing. You still need to spend that money wisely, and BuzzSumo will help that. You can research the real estate topics and trends your audience really wants to read about just by entering a backlink or keyword into the program. That will show you the details of just how the topic performs online.  Buzzsumo

  1. Mention

It’s important to track what people say about you and any competitors you have. Mention makes it easy to do that, just through tracking of brand names and key phrases. It all happens in real-time, too, so there is never the worry of missing a conversation with a potential or current customer.  Mention

  1. Autosend

Autosend makes it possible to get in touch with anyone who joins your site. It’s an automatic personalized approach, targeting through text messages and email, based on anything your customers do on the site. So, whether a customer looks at your FAQs or buys a product, you can send a proactive and personal message to thank them.  Autosend

  1. Ducksboard

Trying to keep track of all the people subscribing to your service, joining your mailing list or buying your products on a daily basis takes time and effort, especially if you don’t have the right tools for it. Ducksboard makes it really easy to stay on top of everything with one easy to use dashboard, and it all happens in real-time.

  1. ReferralSnip

A study published in 2014 stated that 85 percent of all small businesses gain new customers due to referrals. Word of mouth remains extremely important, and you want to make sure you benefit from that. ReferralSnip makes it really easy to create a referral program, to encourage more people to recommend you. In just a minute, you will have it set up ready to go. All you need are a few details, design the snippet and then let your customers know.

  1. Oktopost

It’s time to make social media easy, and Oktopost helps you do just that. You can share content, connect to people and check the effectiveness of all campaigns in just one place.

  1. Picreel

Not all visitors will become customers. In fact, 96 percent of visitors will never come back, according to a report from Bounce Exchange. It’s important to keep your website optimized, and you can do that with Picreel. This will help offer customizable exit offers when people hit the back button.  Picreel

  1. VWO

When you have two options to get business, you want to test both. VWO makes it easy to do you’re A/B testing, whether it’s just a slight change to your headline or the overall design. Find out which copy your visitors prefer.  This is best used with buyer or seller landing pages that you set up and are sending concentrated traffic to.   VWO

  1. Tropical

Email marketing software, help desk programs and management software all have one thing in common. They all have data about your customers, and you likely want everything in one place. You can do that with Tropical to create timelines and profiles for every customer.

  1. Socedo

Socedo makes it really easy to find any qualifying leads through Twitter. You can use all types of criteria, including hashtags and keywords, and you will get a full list to go through. You can also automatically favorite tweet and follow prospects, while also sending direct messages to help kick-start conversations.

  1. Canva

Just because you can’t use Photoshop doesn’t mean you can’t have great graphics. Canva is great for this, and is suitable for all experiences. You can even make presentations and social media images for nothing at all. There are plenty of templates and stock images to help get started.  Canva


When you want to add a call to action to your social media links, you need to use Whenever someone clicks the link, they’re sent to a unique call to action on your website.

  1. Uberflip

You want to limit the amount of times you direct people away from your site, so it’s important to curate your content. Uberflip makes it possible to do that, and even allows you to make up your own targeted calls to action to help turn visitors into customers.

  1. FullContact

When you’re out there marketing to people, you want to create personal relationships. That isn’t so easy when you don’t have a lot of information. FullContact gives you the social media information, real name and photo of all your contacts. As soon as someone signs up to your site, you can find out more and strike up a relevant conversation.

  1. Person

Once you have a customer persona, you can make marketing campaigns that are fully targeted to your audience. But you need to create the personas first, right? Well, Person will help you do that. You can visualize your perfect customer, adding in the behaviors, likes, goals and even gender. Your persona comes out as a profile that is easy to read. Share that with your marketing team to help them with your campaigns.

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Ben Janke

I have been in real estate and real estate marketing since 2004. I specialize in online marketing which starts with proper targeting, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions.



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