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7 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use WordPress CMS On Their Websites

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Content Marketing

As a real estate business that wants to generate leads and give huge value to your potential clients, there is a tirade of reasons why you need to consider using WordPress on your website.

This CMS or content management system is one that will leave you happy as it is easy to use, popular, and extensive.

It is, therefore, important that you consider looking for a real estate website designer or system that you can trust and a hosting provider that allows you to use this powerful marketing system. At the end of the day, you will be glad of how your real estate website turns out. And here are a couple of reasons why:

#1 – WordPress is Easy To Use

WordPress is one of the simplest CMS options out there. It is easy to install and to work with. WordPress comes with plenty of resources that are essential for the building and management of your website. The great thing is that it also teaches you how to work with it to get the best results. To have an easier time working and installing the system, opting to hire a hosting company that has the ability to install it with only one click is the best thing to do.

If you are still finding it hard to figure things out, there are many SEO agencies and freelancers who do web design that would be glad to help you get started.

Check out Real Estate Power Sites for a huge jump start.

#2 – WordPress Comes With A Wide Option of Reliable Plugins

Plugins are basically the software extensions which expand the features and functionalities of WordPress. Not only does WordPress give you the ability to make pages and to create posts after installing it, it also allows you to add extra functions that do almost everything you will need your real estate website to do.

This is an important feature of WordPress because it allows you to integrate any real estate IDX system with your website.

There are other plugins to integrate social media, CRMs, and auto-responders. Once you have gotten such plugins, you should consider checking them out to see when they were last updated to know if they are still supported. In the event you have suggestions and questions or have encountered a problem, there are easy and effective ways to get in touch with developers for assistance.

#3 – Buying And Working With Premium Themes Is Fast and Easy

If you are thinking of, or are putting up a website for your corporation, or if you have one already, then you understand that there are copyright laws that limit you from just copying other peoples’ stuff and using it. If you were to be caught owning a website that looks pretty much the same as that of your competitor, you could find yourself running into some legal problems. Overall, it is just not professional to do such a thing.
While you do have free themes that you can work with, you do not have to stick with them as some of them are the same as those other companies have. The good thing is that you could opt to approach a WordPress theme developer and ask them to develop new and fresh themes; allowing you to create a custom website that will probably turn out to be a sound investment.

#4 – Great Support on WordPress Forums

WordPress is an open source company and features a community that works day and night to ensure that it is up-to-date with all the technological advances and demands. There are people on WordPress’ support forum who are always willing to help and to come up with solutions. At the same time, there are hundreds of communities that are built around WordPress by WordPress users for WordPress Users.

If you are looking for reliable information concerning anything that is related to WordPress, it is advisable that you consider going through the online help files at If you still can’t find the answers you are looking for, then consider making a search on the internet to see if there is anyone who has ever asked the same question before.

#5 – Everything You Need To Know Is Available Online

When working with your real estate you will be glad to know that you can find all the WordPress data and information you need online.

When it comes to working with WordPress, it is so easy to get the help you need with anything. For instance, if have a question on how to add banners with graphics on them on your page’s header section and for them to show up on all the pages you have created, searching for solutions online will make it easier for you to find out ways you can do this.
Just think of a short WordPress-related issue and search the internet for it and you will have a solution for it.

#6 – It Is Easy To Do Software Updates On Your Own

WordPress occasionally updates its plugins and update notifications will appear on your dashboard. It is important that you take care of these to ensure that your site stay safe and up-to-date. When you see any updates, it is important that you work on them as WordPress may have discovered an issue in security or other things and resolved it. At the same time, it is a great way to get the newest and latest features the CMS provider launches.

The good thing is that all you need to do to get these updates is clicking a couple of buttons on site’s dashboard. Look for the symbols that indicate there are updates on your dashboard and click on them. They are easy to see and should not be too hard to find.

#7 – Hiring People Content Providers Is Easy and Straightforward

As a real estate agent, it is without a doubt that you do not have the time to sit and create content for your website. True? Instead of stressing over this, the best thing to do would be to hire people or give author accounts to others who will write and post the content for you. Most people who do content development can easily work with WordPress and do these tasks for you.

There are also content companies and people who you can hire to create targeted content for you. Then, all you will need to do is copy and paste the content on your website before posting it. The great thing about WordPress is that it makes this easier for you – no longer do you have to learn all the coding required to get content on your website, all you are required to do is just add the content and post it and the CMS will do the rest for you.

Finally, leverage and manage your website content with WordPress and push it out by using search engine optimization and social media marketing for the best results when it comes to return on investment.

A great resource to get you started on everything you need for a real estate website is on Real Estate Power Sites.

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