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Online marketing is changing quickly.  You need to keep up with the trends so you can get in front of real estate buyers and sellers before you competition does or before they get sucked into Zillow.  Yes, you can beat the mega real estate websites because you are the local professional and nobody knows your market better than you.

Want to be a better real estate agent or broker? Here are seven statistics that you must know right now about real estate marketing and lead generation.

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1. ROI for inbound marketing increases through blogging for 82 percent of online marketers


Blogging is extremely powerful for businesses, and that statistic just shows it. It has such a beneficial impact on ROI that it is something you need to do in 2015. There are some struggling to see positive results. Does that mean you should stop? Certainly not? There are different reasons for real estate blogs to fail, and one of those is you’re not offering what your audience wants. It’s important to think about the persona of your audience to target the right people.

Top tip: Learn more about your audience and what they want to read about to create the perfect real estate market blog post.

2. 70 percent of your customers will want to learn more about you through articles instead of ads.


Creating new content may take time, but it is worthwhile. Customers engage better with content. The good news is you can reduce the amount you spend on adverts.

What’s your new strategy?

Start by telling people about your brand. Create a schedule for posting, and make sure you share new, fresh content to inform your customers about your real estate brand and your expertise.

3. Three times as many leads come through content compared to traditional marketing, and it costs 62 percent less.


The statement is self-explanatary. The best thing you can do is create more content for your business. Use this statistic if you’re trying to convince yourself or your brokerage to make the change.  By the way, just having IDX listings on your site doesn’t count!

4. 94 percent more views come from visual content compared to text-based content.


One of the best things you can do is add video or images to your content. It could be due to time or it could be out of sheer laziness. Whatever it is, people prefer visual content over text.

If you’re not on Instagram yet, you need to get there for your brand. It’s really easy to use, and your photos will be engaging and appealing.

Top tip: Add videos and images to your posts from now on. Use Instagram snaps to get images if you don’t have quality pics or you can use free image sites like

5. Smartphones and tablets will make up 87 percent of internet device sales by 2017.


Mobile has grown considerably over the last five years, and it will affect how you create content.

Monthly real estate newsletters and market updates through email are great for engagement, but what if it isn’t friendly for mobile users? You will quickly lose subscribers, especially over the next two years.  There are tons of email marketing systems out there but only a handful you should trust to do the job right.  We like GetResponse.

Top tip: Make sure your email marketing platform is responsive for all your users, especially your mobile ones.

6. Lack of time is the biggest challenge for 69 percent of marketers when it comes to content creation.


It does take time to create content that is both valuable and engaging. It is worth creating this content, but then you also need to consider the research, the planning and the promotion afterwards.

But what if you don’t have the time?

If you can’t get someone in-house to do it, there are always content marketing agencies and freelancers out there. They have the time and will manage it all for you. It’s too important not to create content for your business.

7. 27 million bits of content are shared on a daily basis


Yes, really. That’s a lot of content, so you can see just how powerful it is. As customers love it even more, that number will increase considerably more.

Can you make it in the content marketing world?

You need to stand out, and you can do that through connecting with your target and local audience. Learn more about your sellers and buyers by creating a targeted persona. What do they want to read? Make sure your content is then actionable and shareable.  Also give a call to action with each piece of content.

Get fed up of the same stats over and over again?

We do too, and that’s why we want to find out more about real estate content marketing in 2015.

The only way we can do that is with your help.

We need to know what you think about content and how it performs for you. Is this something you’ll use in 2015? If so, what content type are you interested in?

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Ben Janke

I have been in real estate and real estate marketing since 2004. I specialize in online marketing which starts with proper targeting, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions.



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