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Whether you already have an established real estate website or you are planning on launching something in the near future, it is imperative that you have a mindset of understanding that you will need to promote your site if it is going to be of any benefit to your bottom line.

Understanding how to promote yourself online is a very short-term understanding.  Strategies and tactics that actually work in the online marketing realm are constantly moving and adapt. You really need to stay in the game and understand the current of where the marketing trends are going. When changes do occur, you can easily modify your tactics and reap the rewards.

How you promote your website and your real estate blog will make or break your success with it. Once you have momentum moving and web traffic flowing, it is much easier to be motivated and continue to generate the content.

Learning how to promote your website should be a high priority on your list. The fact of the matter is that very few real estate agents and brokers are doing what it takes to stand out. With that being said, there is a huge opportunity for those that will take the appropriate steps.

Your  real estate website promotion checklist

Before you create a layout how you’re going to promote your website online, here is a quick checklist of things that you should have already accomplished.

  •  Do your research – who is your target market, where they live, what keywords are they searching, what do they find a value to them?
  •  Get a content plan – how are you going to make money, how often will you add content, what resources can use to make it quicker and more valuable
  •  Zero in on your niche – are you going after buyers, sellers, high-end properties, land relocation
  •  What is your platform – where are you going to be adding this content? You own the platform for adding content to?
  •  Content publishing – curating content, local information, real estate tips, mortgage information, guest posts

Make sure you have done some honest thinking and mapping of what your content strategy will consist of. If you know your market and have an understanding of what they want, it will be 1000 times easier to reach them and get them on as clients.

The framework of promoting your real estate website

  •  Having an exact plan of distribution-Put some thought into where your ideal  clients are residing online Create accounts on those particular networks and make sure you start interacting with the.  This will allow you to begin to position yourself as the local market expert.
    • Facebook groups
    •  Communities on Google plus
    • Twitter
    • Quora
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
  • Syndicate it- When you syndicate your content, and allows you to magnify the most traction you get per piece you create. This helps to build relationships with other bloggers and helps you a lot with SEO.  Here are a few places that you can syndicate your real estate content.
  • Engage With Others- Real estate is a market where buyers and sellers are only super interested in information about the local market for a short amount of time.  Maybe every five years or so. So, it may be hard to zero in on who is really active in looking for information. When you begin engaging with others think about other professionals in your market that might be a complement to your business. You can start to interact and build relationships with mortgage officers,  escrow teams, inspection companies, financial planners and investment specialists. Zero in on influencers in your local market.  When you produce quality content, they are going to want to share it with their networks.  You can use tools like Buzzstream to start networking.
  • Listen to your social media- Beginning to pay attention to what others are talking about in your social media accounts There are some great social media tools that can help you automate process and make it more beneficial to you. This is how you will find the trends that people are talking about and relate it to your business.
  • Guest Blogging-Most real estate agents and brokers don’t even consider adding content to somebody else’s website.  This however, can be a great way to build yourself up as the local market expert and reach a whole new audience. Find those complementary professionals in your market that are actually getting traffic and leads online and offer to provide some value to the readers. Then add your contact information and a little about yourself at the end of your post.
  • Think about additional types of media-You can turn your blog content into other types of media and repurpose it in the future as well. You could create a video based on your blog post or turn the information of the blog post into  podcast episode.  Consumers like to have the option of how to consume content and having it in different formats furthers your persona as the expert.

I hope this helps you being to formulate a real estate marketing and content strategy.  There is so much potential for your business if you are consistent with content creation.  Make sure that you don’t just create the content, but you promote it as well.  It is much better to write 1 good piece and promote it properly than to write 10 mediocre pieces that nobody sees.

Stay tuned and follow us.  In our next update, we will be talking about PAID content promotion designed to further turn your traffic into closings.

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Ben Janke

I have been in real estate and real estate marketing since 2004. I specialize in online marketing which starts with proper targeting, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions.



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