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As a real estate agent, you probably want more leads. Right?

I get asked quite a bit “which real estate IDX system should I use.”

There are so many systems out there Diverse Solutions, ihomefinder, IDX broker, Wolfnet, Real Geeks, Homequest, or a custom solution from Real Estate Webmasters.

With so many options, how do you know which one is best for your business?

Well, hold on to your horses….

Before  you even get into the idea of implementing an IDX solution into your website it is important to go into that decision with the correct mindset when it comes to generating real estate leads.

The truth of the matter is that you don’t even need an IDX system on your website to generate high-quality and targeted leads.

Throwing an IDX system up on your website and hoping and praying for leads is a strategy from 2005 that does not work anymore. It is much more important to start with the basics of real estate generation.

Here are the five things that you must do in today’s digital marketing environment to generate leads for your business and having an IDX system is not on the list.

1.  Targeting – You must understand how to target those that are interested in buying or selling real estate in your local market. Learn where they hang out online and what type of information they are seeking.

2.  Valuable offer – This is where you take a turn away from just offering to allow people to search homes on your website.  It’s time to think out of the box and place your own trail. There are plenty of other ways that you can generate a lead and  also brand yourself as the local market expert. Think about things like a free report, e-book, or webinar  that is going to bring huge value to buyers or sellers.  It must be compelling to generate the lead

3. Landing page –  If you just send traffic to a regular old page and website, your conversion rates are going to be pretty miniscule. You want to drive targeted leads to a very specific page that allows them to get exactly what is offered in your ad.

4.  Great follow-up –  once you generate the lead, you are going to want to continue to provide big value. Big value can be delivered through  an autoresponder, over the phone,  or with retargeting ads on Facebook or other sites around the web.

5. Send listings –  If you’re working with buyers that have specific searches they want to follow, you most likely want to send them those properties as they come up on the market. You can do this through your MLS system already. Make sure you set them up on a safe search and follow up with them when a great home comes on the market.

So, it is true that you do not need an IDX system to be massively successful with your real estate regeneration. Notice, I did not say that you should not have one, but I did say that you do not need one. Would I recommend that you get one?  Yes!

Adding an IDX system into the mix can make it easier for buyers to search for homes on their own using your system instead of Zillow, Trulia, or   If your buyers are going to the sites, they’re going to be seeing hundreds of other agents adds every time they visit.

What IDX system do you use?  What features do you wish it had?  Are you seeing any SEO benefit from your IDX system?


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Ben Janke

I have been in real estate and real estate marketing since 2004. I specialize in online marketing which starts with proper targeting, driving traffic, and optimizing conversions.



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